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Great way to get together with people who understand and at all stages as a single parent can help with questions, direction and inspiration


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This app is amazing. A great opportunity for single parents to meet and connect with other like minded people.


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Brilliant app. Such a great idea for connecting with other single parents!!


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The best app for any single parent whether you are struggling, lonely, or even if everything is fine and you just want a playdate or some empathy. Beautiful and useful.


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A life line, as a single parent. Nothing like this exists..!! A great way to connect on and off line with like minded parents, ask for advice and make new friends. It’s super.. download this


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The story
behind Frolo

Shortly after my son Billy had his first birthday, his Dad and I ended our relationship.

It was a tough time and I was not prepared for the loneliness I would feel as a single parent. I found myself dreading the weekends when the loneliness of being a single parent was compounded, and feeling guilty that I wasn’t able to really enjoy time with my son. What I longed for during that time was connection with other people in a similar situation who could relate.

When I discovered that there was no app or community that offered this, I felt compelled to create the solution I needed. I wanted to give the term single parent a bit of a positive rebrand - so I decided to call the app Frolo - a combination of the words ‘friends’ and ‘solo’.

What started with an Instagram page has now exploded into an app with a thriving community of over 24,000 single parents across the UK and Ireland.

The community has become a nurturing, positive and safe place to connect with people who get it, where frolos can easily make friends, seek advice, as well as share experiences such as virtual meetups, playdates, nights out and trips away.

My life has been so enriched and empowered by the Frolo community and the friendships that Billy and I have formed, and I am so excited to share this experience with single parents all over the world.

Zoë x
Founder of Frolo
Zoë x
Founder of Frolo

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News on Frolo

Frolo Dating app coming soon

The Frolo community asked and we listened - we are excited to announce that the Frolo Dating app is launching in late 2021! Frolo Dating is a dating app with a difference for single parents and it has been inspired and designed by single parents. Stay tuned!

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