The Single Parent Community

Connect with local like-minded single parents and the wider Frolo community for friendship, support & Meetups.


Where you can easily connect with the wider community and share and seek guidance and advice


You can privately message with your connections, or join or create location or topic based 'Group Chats' which could be anything from 'Co-parenting tips' to ‘Dublin frolos chat’' to 'Recipe Exchange' to 'Frolo parents of SEN kids.'


To discover and connect with like-minded local single parents in your area. You can search by Mum, Dad or both, parenting type, kids age, and location proximity


Where you can find or create in real live and virtual meetups ranging from playdates, to Frolo nights out, to expert virtual meetups, to holidays and camping trips

The Frolo Community is waiting for you

"Joining the Frolo Community is the best thing I could have done - it has brought so many great people and such a strong support network into my life!"

Community values

Frolo is for all types of single parents, whether you have decided to be a solo parent by choice, started your IVF journey, or you’re going through the grief of losing a husband or wife, or whether you are going through a marriage or relationship breakdown - Frolo offers expert advice, friendship and support. No shame or stigma here - the journey of single parenthood can be a very positive and empowering one, and that’s what the Frolo Community is all about.

We cherish our community

We champion each other through the highs and lows. We feel like an extended family to each other

We empower each other

We share knowledge and guidance with each other. We strive to do and feel our best, and we help others to do the same.

We are kind

We offer each other moral support and engage without judgment. We practice empathy by taking time to understand how others feel.

We share safely

We post mindfully. We feel safe being our authentic selves, knowing other frolos will respond with the best intentions.

Our Awards and Accolades

Social media app of the year in the UK App Awards 2021

Fully user verified

App of the Day and Editors Choice on the Apple App Store

What our users say

“I've met some amazing people who've supported me through the toughest time of my life. Frolo is a unique haven of kindness and love in the online world. I'm stronger, more confident and happier because of this fabulous community.”


Single Dad

“Without Frolo we wouldn't have met such amazing and friendly people. My little boy's confidence has grown immensely and he absolutely loves it when we go meet up with our Frolo fam ❤”


Frolo Mum

“I was looking for yet another dating site. Frolo came up and I had a eureka moment… I didn’t need a partner, I actually needed friendship. Frolo has helped make some IRL and virtual friends.”


Frolo Mum

“Without Frolo we wouldn't have met such amazing and friendly people. My little boy's confidence has grown immensely and he absolutely loves it when we go meet up with our Frolo fam ❤”


Frolo Mum

Providing a safe and positive experience is our No.1 priority

We pride ourselves on putting our user safety first and on prioritising a supportive and empowering space above anything else. To support this all users are fully user verified, and the community is anchored in the community values

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