Inspirational Quotes on Single Motherhood

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This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating all the single mums raising children in one-parent households. Need some words of inspiration? Read on, and share with the single mums in your life.

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As we all know in the Frolo community, being a single mother is a challenging and rewarding experience that requires strength, resilience, and determination. Twice that of a two parent household! From juggling work and parenting to managing finances and household responsibilities, single mothers are amongst the most inspirational women on the planet, so what better time to celebrate them than International Women’s Day?

To provide inspiration and encouragement for all the single mothers out there, here are some powerful quotes about being a single mum that celebrate the strength and courage of women raising children alone.

Inspirational Quotes On Single Motherhood

  • ‘You always have to carry on. And you can, because you have to.’ - Kate Winslet
  • ‘Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.’ - Barbara Kingsolver
  • ‘Being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress and twice the tears but also twice the hugs, twice the love and twice the pride.’ - Unknown
  • ‘Being a single parent is not a life full of struggles, but a journey for the strong.’ - Meg Lowrey
  • ‘I am prouder of my years as a single mother than of any other part of my life.’ - J.K. Rowling
  • ‘I don't think you necessarily have to be part of a traditional nuclear family to be a good mother.’ - Mary-Louise Parker
  • ‘I actually feel like more of a woman because I feel like I’m being smart about my choices, and I’m putting my family first and I’m in charge of my life and my health. I think that’s what makes a woman complete.’ - Angelina Jolie
  • ‘Being a working mother and a working single parent instils in you a sense of determination.’ - Felicity Jones
  • ‘And some days life is just hard. And some days are just rough. And some days you just gotta cry before you move forward. And all of that is okay.’ - Unknown
  • ‘The loves of my life are my children and my mother. I don't feel as if I need a man.’ - Diane Keaton
  • ‘I’m a single parent. What’s your superpower?’ - Unknown

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