Single Parents On How They Deal With Stress

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Adulting is stressful! Single parent adulting = new stress level unlocked! We took to the Frolo app to ask our incredible community how they deal with the stress in their lives, and as usual, they didn’t let us down.

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How to Deal with Single Parent Stress

We all know the theory behind dealing with single parent stress. Mindfulness, to-do lists, support systems, exercise and rest. But sometimes it’s helpful to hear what other (real) single mums and dads are doing to deal with dress. Thanks to all the frolos that contributed to this list, and we’d love to hear how you deal with the stresses in your life, too. We look forward to connecting with you on the app! 

From cake (and more cake) to nature walks, here are some top tips to dealing with single parent stress. 

Tips For Dealing With Stress by Single Parents

- Mindfulness or colour by numbers, plus talking it out. 

- Playing scrabble online. 

- Cake, Netflix and naps! Taking regular time outs helps, and just wiping a day clear of responsibilities and resting. I’ve learnt to say no a lot more. 

- Take a walk on the beach, a dip in the sea followed by a nice sugary coffee: stress busted! Also listening to Thich Nhat Hanh on YouTube, and using a great app called Plum Village. 

- I fully shut the world out! It’s not for everyone and not for extended periods of time, but everything goes off, I sit for a while with absolutely nothing going on. I couldn’t call it meditation as that would be a lie… but it’s quiet time to just defragment. I just let my mind wander and see where it goes. 

- Cake, music, wildlife and enjoying a nice view. 

- Giving things a label in the moment and allowing yourself to feel it, then moving on, can feel like I’ve just dodged a bullet. 

- The 1000X rule helps. Say I’ve just hit a red light and I’m delayed, then another, then another. Whenever I feel it, I can ask myself ‘what would happen if this happened another 1000 times, would I feel differently about it after the 1001st time?’ The chances are some things in life are just that way, they happen and over time they don’t stress you out as much. 

- Netflix, cake and going for a drive always helps. 

- I put my phone on silent and spend hours curating playlists over coffee and cake, to help me slip into a sugar-induced coma! 

- Mother Nature normally cures me. 

- Yoga, remembering to breathe properly and taking a walk in the countryside. 

- Human connections top up my batteries more than anything else. 

- Hiding under the duvet! 

- I love to walk, read or watch a good series or documentary to zone out. 

- Find someone else to be silly and laugh with. 

- Sit in the car and just scream and cry (I did it this morning!). 

- Get outside for a walk. 

- If it’s work stress, lean into it and get through whatever you can, but take a proper break and separate the two. 

We hope some of these methods work for you. You’ll find support from other stressed single parents on the app, we’d recommend checking out the ‘Hello…wanna chat?’ group for some instant connection online. 

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