The Ultimate Single Parent Resources List

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Have you just become a single parent? Or still have some things to work out before you feel settled into life as a single mum or solo dad? We thought we’d round up all the single parent resources you might need into one post to get you started. Bookmark it for later if you can’t work through all of them now!


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Single Parent Resources For Single Mums & Dads

There are a number of areas of life that might need adjusting to be set up in a way that works as a single parent. We’ve divided our single parent resources list up to fit into these areas as neatly as possible, so that you can work through them one by one. These areas include:

  • Finances
  • Legals
  • Childcare
  • Work

But first, a couple of resources that overarch single parent life in general and that cover more general issues…


Of course, we had to start with the Frolo app. Whether or not you’re new to being a single dad or solo mum, there’s never been a better time to connect with other single parents in the same position as you. It’s the best app to find single parents near you, and chat online with people who are having the same worries, trials and successes as you. Download the Frolo app to get started and find your crew.


Gingerbread is the single parent charity in the UK, and you can call their advice line or use the online chat service if you need expert advice or don’t know where to turn to. They have seasonal appeals and advice pages such as their Cost Of Living Crisis hub.

Money Resources & Benefits For Single Parents

Need help getting your finances into order since becoming a single parent? You’re not alone! We’ve pulled together some of the sites, benefits and resources, including those for low-income single parents, that are available to help make solo parenting add up. Read more in our post 'What single parent benefits am I entitled to?'.

Single Parenting Legal Resources

Whether you’re navigating separation or divorce or just figuring out what legal protection your new family set-up might need, here are some resources to check out.

Childcare Resources For Single Parents

Finding a childcare set-up that works for you as a single parent can be tricky. Here are a few links that might help.

Work Resources

Wondering how you’ll make work work for you now that you’re a single mum or dad? Our last section of single parent resources covers all things work.

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