Tips for Co-Parenting in the School Holidays

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Heading into the Easter Holidays and wishing you’d figured out a smoother co-parenting plan? There’s always the next set of school holidays to nail it for! Here are our dos and don’ts of co-parenting during the school holidays.

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Co-Parenting During the School Holidays: Dos and Don'ts

It can be hard work at the best of times, so co-parenting during school holidays is often an extra challenging time for divorced or separated parents. If your children are looking forward to spending time with both parents they may be feeling extra excited, which can make it even harder. Because the school holidays often require variation from routine, there may be more contact necessary than usual, which can lead to tension and conflict between co-parents. To make the most of this time and ensure that everyone has a good experience, here are some dos and don'ts to consider.

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Dos of Co-Parenting in the School Holidays

Plan ahead

Communication is always key when it comes to co-parenting, so plan ahead with your co-parent to work out the school holiday schedule. This will help avoid conflicts caused by uncertainty.

Seek support

At a loose end? Get on the Frolo app and check for Meetups, or check in with the community for ideas and advice on how to fill your days, or resolve co-parenting conflicts.

Be flexible

Having said this, if you can be open to compromise and changes to the schedule, you’ll also be able to side-step conflicts. Try to keep your children at the forefront of your mind when challenges arise.

Share the expenses

School holidays can be expensive, so if you can, split the costs of holiday activities and travel expenses between yourself and your co-parent.

Focus on the child

If any of the above are challenging, try to focus on what you can do to make your child have the most enjoyable school holidays experience possible. This might mean biting your tongue once or twice!

Don'ts of Co-Parenting in the School Holidays

Use the school holidays as a weapon

Don’t use the time off school to gain leverage in custody disputes or to punish your co-parent.

Speak negatively about the other parent

Whether in front of your child or to people who could feed back to your child or your co-parent, try to keep any negative thoughts to yourself (if you have to have them at all!).  

Make last-minute changes

Avoid making last-minute changes to the school holidays schedule without consulting your co-parent, as this could lead to conflict.

Neglect your own needs

The school holidays can be a hectic time where you’re juggling a different schedule and managing not only your child’s schedule but (it can feel like) your co-parent’s, too. Don’t forget to make time and space to look after yourself, too, or you could burn out.

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